Where to Go in Kiev?

Kiev is one of the oldest Slavonic cities, the best place in Ukraine city guide. It preserves its majestic beauty, antiquity, wealth, and mystery. It has been attracting lots of tourists for ages, no matter whether they come from the neighborhood or from the farness. When you reach the streets of this beautiful city, you begin to look with delight and wonder how harmonically may contemporary multistory office buildings be combined with magnificent old houses.

Variety of places of interest, monuments of architecture, and museums will definitely touch your soul. When you look at them, it seems you need the whole life to discover this city. And, to tell the truth, not every Kiever knows all mysteries, and interesting secluded spots, where to go in Kiev. The streets of Kiev have an outstandingly warm, pleasant and hospitable atmosphere.

Of course, when you get to this beautiful city with centuries-old history for only several days, you want to see as much as possible, try the tastiest ethnic cuisine, feel the rhythm of business and cultural life of the Ukrainian capital. But it is easy to “get lost” in this vast sea of various restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers, parks, clubs, and other places. We know this perfectly well, so, in order to save your precious time, we will conduct a virtual visit to the world of places of interest, and best locations in Kiev.

So, where to go in Kiev?

Let us consider the places of interest first.

Kiev is a real treasury of historical monuments. A lot of them are well known far beyond Ukraine. These are such public places of interest, including Khreschatyk, Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence square), St. Sophia Cathedral, and Kiev Pechersk Lavra. All of them are certainly a cultural heritage of the country and really worth of hours of exploration.

St. Sophia Cathedral is also known as Kiev Sophia. It is the main temple of the Kievan Rus. This is a church building, founded by Yaroslav the Wise. But it is well preserved in spite of various cataclysms. It refers to UNESCO world heritage. At the present time this open-air museum belongs to the state.

Special attention should be paid to St. Vladimir Cathedral, which was built in the year 998 in honor of Grand Duke Vladimir. It is situated on the right bank of the Dnieper River. Kiev Pechersk Lavra is a national estate, and refers to UNESCO monuments as well. Every year these monuments are visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world.
Tourists are recommended to visit the following places: Golden Gates, St. Andrew’s Church, St. Nicholas Roman-Catholic Cathedral, Andreevsky spusk (Andrew’s Descent), Water museum, Pharmacy Museum, and Pirogovo museum as well.

The ideal places for romantic walks, where to go in Kiev, are Vladimir Hill, Mariinsky park, Puscha Voditsa, Park “Landscape Alley” near the Museum of Ukrainian History, or the Dnieper quay. You may continue your romantic walk in a pleasant and intimate restaurant or a quiet cafe. Take a look at Fellini, Coffee Time, Liquor Cafe or Sky Art Cafe.

There are a lot of Kiev sightseeing places in our city, which territory and location is very interesting. If you really want to visit something interesting and, we are tempted to say, little known in Kiev, we propose visiting Kiev park Mamaev Sloboda, Expocenter, Aviation museum, and some interesting yards of our city, such as a yard with giraffes at Vladimirskaya str, 77-a, Well-yard at Bohdan Khmelnitsky str, 32, a yard with sun-dial at Grigory Skovoroda str, 4, a yard of Scientist’s house at Vladimirskaya str, 45-a.

We may tell you about places of interest in Kiev endlessly, and we never get tired speaking about them. Just call us, and we will find the most interesting sightseeing Kyiv tours as your personal Kiev city guide according to your interests and preferences, so that you will know where to go in Kiev.

You will certainly have a great desire to have dinner or even supper after fascinating and a bit tiresome walks around the city. Various cafes and restaurants are at your disposal. The only thing you should do is to decide what to choose from the variety of budget to elite ones, but all of them are in good taste.

Whether you have a business meeting, negotiations with your partners or dinner with your beloved, the restaurant of creative cuisine “Concord”, located at Lev Tolstoy str. is your best choice. The restaurant has an interior garden, exclusive wine list, creative menu, the chief cook from Italy as well as many other things.

Real admirers of Italian and Japanese cuisine will be enchanted by one of the most presentable restaurants of Kiev called “Decadence House”. It has magnificent Bohemian Paris halls of the late of 19th century, contemporary halls, equipped with powerful hi-tech lasers, combining magnificent splendor of velvet, forging, and crystal ceiling lamps. Those who do not know where to go in Kiev to seclude themselves, may go to VIP-rooms.

If you want to make an impression on your partners, spend an evening in unforgettable atmosphere, or just have a lot of fun, we recommend you to visit “Buddha-bar”, which is a favorite place of business elite and show business celebrities. A lounge restaurant in Kiev “Buddha-bar” at Khreschatyk str, 14 fully meets the requirements of Buddha-bar world chain, as well as it considerably outstands the rest establishments of the chain in area (1400 sq.m.), and it has 350 seats. Kiev’s “Buddha-bar”, in contrast to its twins, has 3 levels, including a bar, a restaurant, and a lounge zone Mezzanine. Besides, there is a VIP-room, which has a wonderful view on the statue of Buddha.

If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, pay attention to the restaurant “Spotykach” at Vladimirskaya str, 16. This is one of few places, where to go in Kiev in any condition of your sole and body and at any time you wish is normal. Only here you may feel total comfort with clear taste of originality and a slight note of nostalgia. When you enter the restaurant, you immerse into the atmosphere of past, the period of the 60th of the previous century, which is the time of great hope and warmness.

Lovers of night club life will definitely like such places of interest of capital night life as “DeLuxe»”, “Arena”, “Shooters”, “PaTiPa”, “Cinema”, and “Azur”.

We have not enumerated even a hundreds part of Kiev sightseeing places and establishments, where to go in Kiev to spend your time well. We will gladly provide you the information and recommend the best places for your pastime: bowling clubs, billiards, wine restaurants, brasseries, art cafes, bars, and many others. You only need to contact us to get your own Kiev city guide. Do it right now and save money on Kiev travel agencies!