Getting a Rent Apartment in Kiev for Corporate Clients is Easy!

People, who need to stay in the capital of Ukraine for a short time, may rent apartments in Kiev on daily basis. Business travelers are among those people. At present the optimal solution of the problem of accommodation provision for visitant employees is a daily rent accommodation for corporate clients (daily rent apartment in Kiev).

The essence of this service is simple. The company lessor provides an apartment on the application of a corporate client, which satisfies necessary requirements in the term, specified in the preliminary agreement. Daily rent apartment in Kiev for business travelers is cheaper than renting a hotel room. Especially if you need to accommodate not only one-two people, but ten or even more, our rent luxury Kiev apartment is perfect for you.

What are the advantages of daily rent apartments in Kiev for the employees?

One of the main advantages is an individual approach to every client.

But how does it really take place?

Employees of our company select a rent luxury Kiev apartment for you, meeting all wishes of the clients, including location, value, floor, number of rooms, equipment, furnishing, availability of telephone and Internet, infrastructure development etc.

At the same time, special employee preferences are taken into consideration, for example, the view from the window and the like. Specialists of our company may also create habitual conditions for your employees; for example, add some details to the interior. The most important thing for foreign guests of Kiev is that they may feel in a rent apartments in Kiev like at home.

One more undeniable advantage is the economy of time.

In order to get a daily rent apartment in Kiev, which satisfies all your requirements and wishes, you will need lots of time, especially if the search is not performed by rental specialists. It may be rather difficult to accommodate a large number of specialists quickly or unexpectedly arriving VIP-partners, as well as to determine a real value for the apartment rent, and its correspondence to the price, indicated in the advertisement.

We have all necessary competence to solve any questions, emerging in our clients. Besides, we have more than 100 apartments in our property; therefore we will definitely find an ideal variant for the employees of the company-client as soon as it is necessary. If necessary, we may meet the arriving employees at the airport/station, and immediately transport them to the rent luxury Kiev apartment - a comfortable and cozy apartment, prepared for their arrival.

In speaking of advantages of daily apartment rent by the enterprise, we should also emphasize on the safety of all transactions.

If the company-renter decides to rent apartment in Kiev for daily rent, “Luxury Apartments” provides warranties for the quality of its service, thus, eliminating any unpleasant situations and unwanted troubles. Our company in the sphere of daily apartment rent has been working for over 10 years, and thousands of our grateful clients are the best proof of unblemished reputation of the company.

We offer only own rent apartments in Kiev, and correspondingly work without any intermediaries. Therefore, the rate of apartment rate is considerably lower than the rate of apartments, provided by real estate agencies.

Daily rent apartment in Kiev for the employees in central parts of Kiev is rather economic. And the reason is not only that the company-client usually gets a cheaper accommodation for the employees, than the accommodation in a hotel room (for the same period of time), but that our corporate clients get discounts for the services we provide.

The advantages of this type are evident. The corporate client gets an integrated service, and its employees get a higher level of comfort than in any hotel. Besides, a good business apartment may become an additional motivation for the leading specialists of a corporate client.

Care for the employees by the company executives has a positive impact on the image of the company and work efficiency. As a rule, there are no household troubles and worries, disturbing you on a business trip in such cases.

Finding a daily rent apartment in Kiev for travelers is not as simple as it may seem at first sight. You will not get into trouble, if you follow some simple rules, which are as follows:

  • always choose the most appropriate variant for you, no matter whether you are going to stay for one day or ten in Kiev;
  • discuss all your arising questions with the company lessor;
  • always check if all electrical equipment and household appliances work correctly when you receive the keys from the daily rent apartment in order to avoid any misunderstanding during your stay;
  • consider the location of the house, where the apartment you like is situated. An ideal variant is when the house is located near the objects you need;
  • read carefully the conditions of rent agreement;

do not be afraid to surrender the rent, if have any doubts or something is not good for you. It is much better to spend some more time and find an apartment that satisfies all your requirements than to have bad mood during the whole business trip.