Kiev Rent Apartment for Daily Rent, or Carefulness Must be a Priority

One would think that the question of carefulness should be of primary importance in such a business as daily Kiev rent apartment. First of all you should consider the amount of money you have in your purse, because renting an apartment is not a cheap thing. After that you should determine the region you want to stay, the number of rooms of the rent apartment (we offer luxury apartments, which have one-four rooms), furniture of Kiev rent apartment, presence of multimedia and household appliances, and Internet. And only after that you may move in! Do you act or are going to act like this? We hope it is really so. But usually it turns out to be far from this.

First of all, you are grossly mistaken, thinking that Kiev apartments rental has a very expensive price. If you plan to go to a strange city, even if it is not Kiev, but some other city or town, and you will have to live somewhere for several days, it is better if you take up your time and learn more about the daily rent market. We are sure you will be able to save much, because Kiev hotel rooms will definitely be more expensive. Our graphical and geographical presentations and wishes are of paramount importance… but there is no need to think about them all initially. They are only secondary questions. First of all, you should always think about your safety.

We must admit that today’s daily rent market is in condition, which was defined as “spontaneous” in not so distant 90-th. Certainly, it is not conditioned now by old ladies with signs like “Cheap Kiev rent apartment” now, as it used to be only several years ago (although, this still happens to be). Today the daily apartment rental market is on a completely new and different level, which is far from safe. Generally speaking, the only safety criterion at the daily rent apartment (Kiev rent apartments) is the check of legal activity in the apartment leasing company. Therefore, when you visit the agency, always ask them to show their license documents. It bears a question, “if we can rely on these documents?” The question is rather reasonable, because any document now can be printed skillfully in such a way that even an expert will have difficulties to tell the fake document from the original. In order not to waste your time on bureaucratic papers, we will tell you in short how the process of daily Kiev apartments rental should look like in this or that case.

Let’s begin with “babushkas at the station”

Actually, this variant is not the most frightful or the worst, but in this case you have no legal defence. A babushka really can provide you a token payment for her apartment, but no one can predict how it will end for you. It is possible that you will stay at her apartment for several days in comfortable conditions and leave peacefully, having taken her address just in case. But there may be another variant as an outcome.

An unexpectedly appeared relative of the old lady may make you leave the apartment. You will not be able to get your money back, because you will not prove that you have given her any money.

Besides, lots of such babushkas like to keep control of the situation. Therefore, they will visit you often or may sleep on the folding-bed in the hall of the apartment. In case you are not satisfied with such “comfortable” conditions, you will be proposed to move out. But you will be tired after work to pack your things again and look after another apartment. You will have to suffer like that for several days. You must admit that in this case your pleasant impressions of Kiev will be spoilt.

If you are lucky to avoid such “pleasant surprises”, do not hurry to feel happy, because you may have problems with electricity, household appliances, water supply, and sewerage. In case something gets broken during your stay you will have to repair it at your own expense, as it will be hard to prove that old water supply system was not your fault. Or you will have to consider again the question of looking for “Kiev apartments rental”, and change the apartment. Think hard, as you may have not much luck this time.

The second variant is information agency

Please, be aware at once that information agency and a real estate agency or a managing company are different things. Information agencies hurt the reputation of real estate agencies. So now people try to avoid dealing with any company, which has the word “agency”. Be careful and keep your eyes open, you should remember the characteristics of “information agency”. There are several of them, which are as follows:
• you are provided to pay some small amount for the “address of the apartment” with a compulsory signing of contract, which has words “information services”
• you are provided with one apartment only “for an extremely low price” (while daily Kiev rent apartments often have apartments at various prices and often at low rates)
• you are sold the address of apartment owners, and you have negotiations with them on your own (in this case the agent does not do his/her work on the deal with Kiev rent apartment owner and check of the documents for the apartment)

If you do not want to lose your money, have nowhere to live in a strange city and waste your time and nerves in vain, do not deal with such agencies. Visiting a normal agency, you get a qualified help in finding the apartment you need, which meets all your requirements, is affordable for you, and is not worth than Kiev hotel rooms.

The third variant is a managing company.

We are not going to describe all advantages of collaboration with the managing company here. We will only say that it never has any questions with the apartment owners (as the agency has all the rights for the apartment it provides), and provides other services apart from “Kiev rent apartments“, starting from transfer and ending with daily apartment cleaning, like in Kiev hotel. They solve all household problems, which arise during your stay, and you simply enjoy your stay in Kiev.