The Most Comfortable Staying in the Ukrainian Capital is in Daily Kiev Apartments for Rent

Daily apartment rent in Ukraine is a rather young, but rapidly developing segment of hospitality business. Over the past several years it has grown from the market of old ladies at the stations to a civilized business. At present there are hundreds of so called serviced Kiev apartments for rent, which are under the management of agencies, specialized on short term apartment rent. The advantage of our company is that we provide our own daily Kiev apartments for rent. That is why we offer one of the lowest rent prices in the capital. Let us have a detailed view at the services we provide.

Daily Kiev apartments for rent are more often rented by business visitors, traveling companies, and families. It is more comfortable and economic to stay in the rent apartment, situated in the center of Kiev, even of luxury class, than at a hotel. It is mostly conditioned by the fact that the renter has more space in the apartment than in standard hotel rooms. And if this is a one-room daily apartment in Kiev it may accommodate up to 3-4 people at the same rate; while the hotel charges for each additional sleeping place.

One more advantage of serviced apartments is the presence of a kitchen, equipped with all necessary appliances for independent cooking and eating. Kitchens in our apartments are either separate or combined with a living room (a so called living room – studio). All our apartments have roomy and light kitchens, equipped with stylish kitchen furniture, and all necessary appliances, such as a gas stove (a gas cooktop with oven), a microwave oven, a toaster, a refrigerator, a coffee maker, and other things. Some kitchens have built-in kitchen appliances. Our clients say that this allows reducing expenditures on visiting restaurants, cafes, and other catering places.

Besides a well-equipped kitchen, daily Kiev apartments for rent from Luxury Apartments provide a more comfortable stay than a hotel room. It is equipped with comfortable and stylish furniture, big plasma TV-sets with satellite or cable TV, DVD players, and air conditioners. Each apartment for rent, no matter whether it has one, two, three, or four rooms, has a telephone, and Internet.
Bathrooms are also worth to be mentioned. We propose apartments with one or two bathrooms. They are all equipped with new hygiene equipment. Almost every bath has Jacuzzi or a hydrobox, and a washing machine. Some apartments for rent have under floor heating and a boiler, Bathing accessories are provided.

Location of the apartment has a considerable importance for the renters. Our luxury apartments, providing service of daily Kiev apartments for rent, are situated in historical and business center of the city, and some of them are located in refurbished mansions. There is also good traffic interchange here, as well as various landmarks and places of interest, famous Khreschatyk, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and plenty of shopping and leisure centers, shops, boutiques, beauty salons, banks, antique shops, night clubs, restaurants and cafes, able to satisfy even the most delicate tastes. Such favorable location is ideal for tourists, as well as for the guests of the capital, who have some business, or for people who just want to have some rest in the capital.

We would like to mention that the value of daily Kiev apartments for rent is inversely proportional to the length of your stay. If to rent the apartment for more than seven days, we provide a flexible system of discounts. The price varies not only by the length of rent, but also by its location, and the level of comfort. But in any case, regardless of the time of your stay in Kiev, it is not so expensive to rent luxury Kiev apartment than to stay at a hotel of luxury class. The value of luxury rooms at some hotels, located in the center of the city, is above $400-500 per person. Some hotels may provide cheaper accommodation, but they will be located far from the center, the main places of interest, and the heart of business activity. Such variants make you think whether you should part with comfort and spend your time and nerves on taxi or metro. Daily Kiev apartments for rent, located in the very center of historical, cultural, and business life of the city, will allow you to be in the thick of events.

One more point in favor rent luxury Kiev apartment or rent VIP Kiev apartment is its high quality service. Both rent VIP Kiev apartment and rent luxury Kiev apartment provide change of bed-linen (the frequency is conditioned by the client’s choice). Besides, the service of daily apartment rent has additional services. You may order transfer to/from the airport or the railway station, and various tours around old Kiev.
It should be mentioned that guests, who visit our capital, should be extremely careful when choosing a place for a temporary stay. As fraud with real property is one of the most popular types of crime in Kiev, the segment of daily apartment rent it no exception.

We rent out only our own apartments, therefore, each client, who used our services may be sure in the truthfulness of information and absence of problems with the apartment owner (which is possible in agencies, which rent VIP Kiev apartment of owners), that the apartment is clean and comfortable, and the service quality is the best.

Make your stay the most comfortable and pleasant with Luxury Apartments.