Daily Kiev Apartment for Rent in Kiev: What Affects the Increase in their Cost?

Before answering this question, let’s try to understand what factors affect the rental price of daily kiev apartments for rent. There are a lot of such factors. But first of all these are location and condition of the apartment, and rooms in the apartment.

Our company has been providing its rental services for 10 years already. We know all nuances of this business, and provide one-, two-, three-, and four-room Kiev apartments for rent for the guests of Kiev and the Kievers in the business and historical center of the capital. Despite the fact that all our apartments are of luxury class, the price for Kiev apartment rental is lower than the similar comfortable hotel rooms. When you rent the apartment, you pay for the apartment itself, but not for the number of guests staying there, as the hotels require. Our apartments are able to satisfy any of your requirements, including even the most sophisticated ones. You may stay at the apartment, which is very close to the main places of interest in the city, including Khreschatyk, Sophia Square, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and other. This is very convenient for tourists. Such location will also be convenient for businessmen, because this region has the largest bank institutions, and office centers.

The price of the kiev apartment rental is closely connected with the condition of the house, where it is located. You may get both an apartment in stylish new penthouses, and old “Khruschev-era” houses. If you are provided an apartment in an old “Khruschev-era” house, do not think that you have found a good variant. The price of Kiev apartment for rent in the city center may be equal to the apartment in the new building, but as for its conditions, we hope you understand what they may be like there. Of course, Kiev apartments for rent in new or restored houses, which have some historical value, will cost a bit higher. If this factor does not frighten you, we can find a suitable variant for you. We have luxury apartments in the restored royal house.

In the majority of cases the price of kiev apartment rental depends upon the length of stay in the apartment. It may be important for some apartment owners how and when you rent the apartment. For example, you get a discount when you book daily Kiev apartment for rent beforehand via the Internet. There are other various factors, which may be sound or not, affecting the price of the rent apartment.

Let us come to our main question. What may increase the price of daily Kiev apartment for rent. We should say at once that there are various factors, which may directly or indirectly affect the price of Kiev apartment for rent. They may increase the price of every meter of the living floor space, and may make the apartment very cheap, despite of the living space.

In recent years apartment renters place greater and greater demands to rent apartments. Lots of people pay attention not only to the house, where the apartment is located, but also to the riser blocks of apartments. Unpleasant picture outside the apartment will satisfy only few people. The majority of guests prefer to see a clean house with good design of the riser blocks and even flowers at the windows everywhere. If to believe figures, about 70% of renters will avoid looking at even the best apartment, if they see an untidy and poor riser of blocks.

Generally, as the practice shows, the most wanted apartments at present are new bearing-wall houses, or monolithic brick buildings. Design of the rent apartment in Kiev deserves a special mention. Certainly, various renters set different demands to the apartments. Some people will be happy to see a clean and light apartment with fresh interior design without any luxury; while other will be satisfied only with the apartment, which has fresh author’s design with pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

But if to consider the Kiev apartment for rent with interior design, meeting all European standards, and the apartment, which was not decorated for several years, the difference in price will be essential. Here you need to take into account not only your preferences, but also your financial possibilities. It is no secret that the value of a square meter in Kiev is not cheap. Therefore guests of Kiev prefer to pay for the exterior and convenience of their further accommodation.

At present stylish studios with spacious rooms and huge windows gain increased popularity. Original design, presence of contemporary multimedia and built-in household appliances, and bathrooms, equipped with all possible technique, increase the chance to increase the price of daily Kiev apartment for rent.

Presence of high-speed Internet and parking near the house or an underground parking are also important factors for the rent apartment. Internet allows to keep in touch with family members, close ones, and colleagues, solve important questions momentarily, as well as to save much on the mobile and international communication. Parking is an ideal solution for the guests of Kiev, who arrived by their own car. Its close vicinity to the house saves time, money, and nerves a lot. Therefore, the majority of tourists and businessmen prefer apartments with these facilities. The presence of Internet and parking are a good plus for renters, but they do not affect the price of daily Kiev apartment for rent much.

In conclusion we would like to give you several simple, but very important pieces of advice. There are a lot of people in Kiev, wishing to provide rent apartments for you. These are old ladies at the stations, information agencies, real estate agencies, etc. You will certainly get some attractive proposals. But prior to making your decision, it is worth to think hard, as there are lots of “hidden rocks” (this topic is discussed in our articles). Do not spend your precious time on the independent search. It is better to turn to experts for help. This will not only allow saving your time, but keep you away from various rental problems.

If tiresome and long house hunting during your stay in Kiev is outside your plans, you are welcome! We will find the best variant for you just in several minutes. We are sure that you will be pleased.