Daily Rent Apartment Kiev: Some Do’s and Some Don’ts

People, who never left their home town and those, who do not understand what the daily rent of the apartment is for, usually have a false opinion on the destination of such rent apartments Kiev. They think that it is better to stay at a hotel in any town or city and stay there as much time as necessary. Although, in order to find a good hotel for you, you need to spend a lot of time and nerves, yet there are still some other difficulties, which you will have to face willing it or not. For example, there will not be vacant rooms for the date you need, or only expensive ones will be available, the number of sleeping places may be less than you need, or the additional sleeping places are charged additionally. On the other hand, where is it possible to avoid all problems?

In the meantime, daily rent (daily rent apartment Kiev) have lots of advantages. To be fair, we should say that there are some limitations as well.

The point is that there are two categories of ignorant people: those, who know nothing about daily rent and admit it, and those, who do not know anything about it, but pretend they do, and share their experience with others. As a result, those people, who think that daily rent apartments are not popular and nobody needs them, are wrong, as well, as those, who consider a daily rent apartment as one of the elements of uncontrolled freedom. Any daily rent apartment, including a daily rent VIP Kiev apartment, have a certain set of rules, which should be observed and not neglected. These rules are very simple, but they may improve your life greatly.

You will see it yourself!

On the one hand, despite the fact that hotel business is developing rather fast, there are still not enough hotels. Some Ukrainian towns have one or two hotels only. But this shortage is mostly considerable in large cities with the population above a million, including such cities like Kiev and Kharkov, where there seem to be no problems with hotels. That is why daily apartments enjoy great popularity in Kiev. Every year more and more tourists come to our country; therefore it is becoming more and more difficult to find a good room in the hotel.

On the other hand, staying at a hotel is not cheap at all. Finally, there are much more rules in the hotel, besides, they are stricter here.

Hotel regulations are quite different and are stated in details not only in hotels, but also in some resources, devoted to this topic. That is why we are not going to consider them. As for the obligations of lodgers in the rented apartments (daily rent apartments Kiev), it is recommended to consider them beforehand. A rent apartment Kiev for daily rent may belong to various levels of comfort from the economy to VIP class apartments. Thus, the rules for staying at the apartment should be different. But nonetheless, it is practically different for the apartments, which are rented for a long term. Such rent apartment Kiev may have old furniture, table legs may be of different size, carpets may be faded, and the linoleum may be worn-out. And who knows what else it may be there. Even if you bring a kitten or a puppy from the street into such apartment, the owner may not be disappointed.

And if it is a daily rent apartment Kiev, the situation is quite different.

And now let’s discuss good sides. When you rent apartment Kiev for a short time, it gives you various advantages. For example, you may invite there your friends, acquaintances, colleagues… your trust here plays a great role for your safety in the rent apartment Kiev. You will be responsible for your hospitality results, for example, compensation for the damaged or stolen property. That is why you should always evaluate the situation soberly, and have a head on your shoulders. What we want to say is that neither concierges, nor the company managers, nor the apartment owners will check who you stay overnight with. Nobody will interfere in your private life. It is harder to achieve this staying at the hotel.

Besides, you will not have to pay for the additional sleeping places in the daily rent apartment Kiev. Keep in mind that practically any rent VIP Kiev apartment has additional sleeping places. If you previously discuss the accommodation of your child, relative, or friend in your room with the administrator of the hotel, you will still have to pay extra fee for that. And the daily rent apartment, even if it is a one-room apartment, usually has additional sleeping places – up to 4-5, (if it has enough space for that) and the price for daily rent remains unchanged. You may stay alone in the daily rent apartment or have a weekend with your friends; the sum you need to pay for rent is the same.

And now some words on some “bad sides”. All is not as well. There are certain limitations. Families with young children will certainly have problems with a long-term rent. As for a short-term rent, it is available for them. It is strictly forbidden to stay with animals at the apartment.

Besides, the lodgers of the apartment should follow the established regime: It s not allowed to make noise after 11 pm. If it is going to be a party there, it will almost be impossible to keep this rule. That is why we do not rent out our apartments for red-letter days, birthday parties, and other such events.

One more peculiarity of a daily rent apartment is that it is rarely rented for a longer period of time. You may also need a rent VIP Kiev apartment to spend an hour or two there, but you will have to pay for 12 hours minimum (this is the least payable period possible in the most cases).

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