Everything you Wanted to Know on the Daily Rent Apartment in Kiev

Going to some trip, we usually take a list of various necessary things with us. But nobody thought until the recent time that we could get an apartment, too. Yes, you’ve understood it right. You may take an apartment with you. Of course, it is impossible to put it into the suitcase, like other things. In this case the word “apartment” is used in a figurative sense. We do not mean the walls, floor, and the ceiling, but that unique homelike atmosphere, which distinguishes any apartment from even the most fashionable hotel room or suite. And one more advantage is that only a comfortable rent luxury Kiev apartment with fresh interior design, a full set of multimedia equipment and home appliances, as well as furniture provides rent on the daily basis, located in the very center, and you may choose a daily rent apartment in Kiev to satisfy your taste. Whatever you may say, but hotel rooms are well behind in such conditions. But we should be objective. Hotels have some advantages, which have not been used by the market segment of daily apartment rent. Therefore, hotels still have so many supporters, who consider any apartment rent as the loss of effort, time, nerves, and money, thus, resulting in the minimum comfort, rest, and good mood.

Another thing is that such people in the large majority consider a hotel to be a single way of staying in a foreign city or town; therefore, they are not interested in what is going on in the so called rivals, who provide rent apartments in Kiev on the daily basis, including daily rent apartments in Kiev, located in the very center. Then these “rivals” have understood that they lose a part of potential clients in vain, and are working on becoming better now. Thus, a daily rent apartment in Kiev has more and more advantages, and its level of service is much better than in hotels… But there emerges a question: Dear supporters of hotel service, do you need to be proud of your habits when daily rent apartments (daily rent apartments in the center of Kiev) already have what the best hotels provide? The answer is simple, which is room service.

A hotel is one of the places, the most women dream of when they think about the ideal and unforgettable vocation. Staying at a hotel or a boarding house with “all inclusive” system, or at least bed and breakfast, seems to be the only rescue from the kitchen “slavery”. Besides cooks, the hotel staff also has laundries and chambermaids, meaning you will not need to care for washing and cleaning as well. Let us imagine for a moment. You come back to your room and it looks as after a complete cleaning. The room is really after cleaning: if the cleaning is performed by the skilled staff, even a simple cleaning, which requires not much time, the room will look like after a complete cleaning. Meanwhile, it is possible to rent an apartment in any town or city, for example a rent apartment in Kiev, for a temporary stay. And this means that you will have various appliances at your service: a gas cooker, a vacuum cleaner, a mop, and a bowl (you may get a washing machine at the best case). How do you see your vacation in such conditions? … This is not the only example, but it is very bright: hotels are preferred in order to escape such problems. Some people simply have no time for such things (for example, businessmen and entrepreneurs), and some people are sick and tired of them at home.

However, the market of daily rent apartment in Kiev is not what it used to be some time ago. Today daily rent apartments (daily rent apartments in Kiev center) are rented via the managing companies, which means that you will have staff, which is able to solve your problems while staying at the apartment: cleaning of the apartment, and changing of bed-linen and towels are done by the chambermaid, and problems with communications are solved with the help of a call to the company manager. There is only one problem left: what to eat and where. Nobody will provide a personal restaurant for you. You will have to cook on your own or eat in cafes and restaurants.

But you should not be in despair! We’ve got excellent news. Of course, nobody will give you a cook in addition to daily rent apartment in Kiev, no matter whether it is a rent luxury Kiev apartment or not… At present the majority of companies have a service of meals delivery from restaurants and food from supermarkets. Thus, companies “compensate” the labor costs, used for cooking food by their clients. And this is no wonder, as the branch is developing and becoming diversified after all.

It should be said that there is another position on the question with cooking and eating. Let’s take, for example, mothers with little kids. Not every child may eat restaurant food, and the food quality often leaves it to be desired. What do we get? You will need to spend less time and effort, and save your nerves and your precious health. In this case daily rent apartments have a considerable advantage, as you may cook your favorite dishes you got used to or cannot live without. Modern kitchen is not just a cooker and a refrigerator. It is usually equipped with a microwave oven, an electric kettle, a toaster, i.e. you get an opportunity to have a cup fragrant coffee with a slice of crispy toast. You will not be able to have such pleasure at the hotel, as it is forbidden to cook in the room. In such case you will have to give up having a cup of tea or coffee, and this may spoil your impressions.

One more “disappointment” of staying at a hotel room is the absence of multimedia equipment you got used to, as well as satellite TV, and Internet. Any daily rent apartment in Kiev in our company is equipped with all these things. You may also add a plus in the column “washing machine”, as you will be able to use it when necessary without additional fees. So, a rent luxury Kiev apartment is a rather attractive picture, isn’t it?
In other words, rent apartment in Kiev on a daily basis is a real opportunity to feel like at home when staying in Kiev.