Where to Stay in the Ukrainian Capital: Daily Kiev Apartment Rental

The word “Kiev”, which is very short and dynamic, hides one of the oldest and largest Slavonic centers, having over 1500-year history. In accordance with the ancient legend, Kiev was founded by three brothers (Schek, Kyi, and Khoriv) in approximately the fifth century. Since that time it has been considered the main cultural, business, political and religious center of the East Slavonic civilization.

Today Kiev is the sixth city in Europe by population density, yielding only to Moscow, London, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Madrid. It just enchants everyone with its monuments of architecture, historical sites, green shady botanical gardens, magnificent churches and cathedrals, and a great number of other sightworthy places. So where can you stay in the Ukrainian capital?

In recent years daily apartment rental in Kiev has been enjoying great popularity. And the reason is not only in the advantages you get, the main of which is a more affordable rate than the rate of a hotel room, but in the aspiration of a person for conveniences.
In case you are planning to visit the Ukrainian capital, but have no idea where to stay, “Luxury Apartments” will gladly help you solve this problem. Hotels of Kiev may propose rooms of various comfort level for their guests, but the majority of them cannot provide an optimal variant by the rate and conveniences.

Kiev apartment rental is provided by various companies and individual persons. However, the main thing here is to be sure that you pay for comfortable and worthy accommodation, which unfortunately cannot be secured by every apartment in the capital. But how is it possible not to get lost in this endless sea of proposals and make the right choice?

Apartment rental in Kiev has been our specialization for over (insert the necessary number of years) years. You may find a detailed description of our apartments at our Website, see their pictures, and choose the most optimal variant for you on the location, level of comfort, and the rate of the apartment rent in Kiev. We provide only our own apartments for rent (over 100) of luxury and VIP class, which are located in the center of Kiev. The rate of our apartment rent in Kiev is much lower than the rate of rooms with the similar level of conveniences in the hotels of Kiev. You may check it by viewing our on-line catalog, where the current rate of staying is indicated for every apartment.

Daily Kiev apartment rental provides a variety of advantages. Only we provide the following ones:
• great choice of luxury apartments
• convenient location of apartments in the center of Kiev
• Kiev apartment rental does not depend on the number of people staying there
• twenty-four-hour reservation service
• convenient payment options
• wide range of optional services
• individual approach to every customer

Only with us you will be able to appreciate all advantages of living in business and cultural center of the Ukrainian capital. Only with us your temporary stay in Kiev will become carefree, very comfortable and enjoyable at moderate price. What else could you ask for?

Favorable location is one of the main criteria. It is at least unprofessional to consider a comfortable and convenient Kiev apartment rental without knowing its location. And we think that if not everyone than the majority of people would agree with us that the apartment for rent, located in the center of Kiev, has a very comfortable and safe location. Not less important is a good layout of the apartment, where the rooms are light and spacious, and the windows have a wonderful view.

The most popular apartments at Kiev apartment rental among our customers are those, which are located in new buildings in the center of Kiev, as well as apartments, situated at Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Despite of the fact that houses in Kiev have been constructed rapidly, the center of Kiev is not overbuilt with new houses, therefore, it is not so easy to find an apartment in a new building. For example, apartments at Kropivnitsky Str. are in great demand. As a rule, they are rented several months in advance. Almost all apartments of our Kiev apartment rental are situated in elite houses, which have a gorgeous front door, twenty-four-hour security and technical assistance, independent water supply and heating systems, as well as a convenient parking. In the neighborhood you’ll find lots of places of interest, large trading and entertainment centers, various boutiques, restaurants, and other establishments.

As for the apartments, located at the legendary Maidan Nezalezhnosti, everything is clear without any words. Maidan Nezalezhnosti is not only a symbol of the whole Ukraine, but also a business and cultural center. Kiev apartment rental at Maidan Nezalezhnosti has lots of undeniable advantages in front of apartments in other parts of the city. All the apartments, which we provide, have a nice interior design (the majority of them have an original author’s design), are furnished with stylish contemporary furniture, have all necessary multimedia and household appliances, cable or satellite TV, telephone, and Internet. The apartment windows have a beautiful view at the humming turmoil of the city and night life.