What Time of the Year is the Most Favorable for Daily Apartment Rent in Kiev?

There is a belief that the rate of Kiev apartments for rent is less in winter, whereas in fall it is increased. But is it really so, it is just a speculation? Let us try to understand.


Everyone, who at least once used the service “Apartments for Daily Rent in Kiev” in fall time, knows the difficulties one may encounter on the way to solve this problem. Rental is made more difficult because of growing rates of rent in Kiev, absence of any possibility to ask the price and see the apartment prior to renting it, as there are crowds of people, willing Kiev apartments for rent near the houses, and other factors.

What are the reasons for such fall commotion? Real estate brokers explain that fall time is so popular for Kiev Apartments for Rent because of students. Usually the most turmoil is observed in the beginning and in the middle of fall, as well as during the end-of-semester exams. Besides, students are not so poor, and they try to choose a comfortable accommodation in central parts of Kiev during their staying in Kiev. Of course, economy class apartments are also in great demand. As the practice shows, such apartments do not always belong to the economy class. And very often their rates of rent in Kiev hold out for a higher price like luxurious apartments.

Two-room and one room apartments-studio are in great demand in fall season. Apartments, located in the center of Kiev with European-style remodeling, which are rented for the first time, are rented rather quickly. Choosing such an apartment, you will have an opportunity to look at it quietly, without haste and turmoil. Though, all this is relative.

As you can see, daily apartment rent in Kiev may become a problem because of students. If to look at the high season for the apartment rent and the schedule of entrance exams to higher educational institutions, they nearly coincide. The demand is decreased in November-December though.


We may say that spring is the golden mean in the world of long-term rent of real property. There are not any essential differences in supply and demand at this time, so every person can freely rent an apartment in Kiev, not spending much time and nerves.

As for daily apartment rent, the situation is completely different here. When the spring sun appears and brings warmth, the Ukrainian capital is visited by foreign tourists and tourists from all over Ukraine. Not every person can afford to stay in a Kiev hotel. Besides, the advantages of daily apartment rent are obvious. Therefore, lots of people prefer daily apartment rent. Daily apartment rent in Kiev presents no problems, but the rate of rent in Kiev is increased. So, it is better to book the desired apartment beforehand, better 2-3 weeks in advance.

If to speak about the rates of rent in Kiev “Luxury Apartments” company, we should mention that our apartment rates are left available at any time of the year, as well as at any time of the day or even night.


Summer is the season for vocations, sea, weekend houses, and gardening. This cannot but be reflected on rental lease of the accommodation. And the reason is clear here. There are a lot of people, who want to spend their vacation time at the azure sea coast under genial sunshine, and have a relaxing holiday away from the urban bustle close to nature. Renting country houses and cottages is very popular at that time of the year than staying Kiev hotel or apartment.

There is no telling that Kiev “sleeps” in summer. Tourists, both native and foreign visitors, still visit Kiev at this time. It is because there is always something you can see in Kiev at any time of the year. And daily apartment rent could not have come at a better time. Luxurious apartments, located in the very center of Kiev and very close to the main places of interest, will be admired by those visitors, who wish to have a look at centuries-old history of ancient Kiev, as well as by those, who would like to be in the center of cultural and night life of the city. The best restaurants, cafes, clubs are all situated within walking distance from the apartments, which we provide. Such favorable location allows saving your precious time and money.


Winter is associated with New Year and Christmastime. That is why lots of people, especially foreigners, who respect traditions, prefer to spend these days at home.

Despite winter is considered to be not the best time for holiday trips, Kiev is visited by a great number of people. Although supply exceeds the demand at this time of the year, it is not so easy to rent a really nice and comfortable apartment at the applicable price. We offer luxurious apartments at the price available for everyone. We know real daily apartment rent rates in Kiev, and provide only our own rent apartments, so we do not charge the apartment rent up.

Our apartments are located in the best regions of Kiev, have excellent interior design and the view at the places of interest, and picturesque sceneries of Kiev.

As you can see, daily apartment rent in Kiev does not depend much upon the time of the year. If you want to save money on the apartment rent upon arriving in Kiev, refer to real experts in this sphere.

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