Is Bargaining Appropriate at the Apartment for Rent in Kiev?

Only several months ago one could not even dream of a discount at renting the apartment in Kiev. But at present the situation at the capital market is completely different, and this tendency is widely spread. It is now absolutely real to bargain with the apartment owners on getting a discount. Let us admit that an apartment for rent in Kiev is always affordable at “Luxury Apartments” even without any discounts, because we are the owners of the rent Kiev apartments and do not rise prices high. You may prove it by looking through the apartments catalog and rent prices. The catalog shows a real price for the current day.

At the search “apartment for rent in Kiev” you will find lots of variants with various price quotations. So, how difficult is it really to get a discount for the apartment in the Ukrainian capital. Offer dominates over demand at the market of long-term rent of capital apartments, as well as in other segments of real property. The number of proposed rent apartments of various level of comfort has increased significantly. It is relevant for both daily and long-term rent. In this connection the choice of renters is limited only by personal preferences and material resources. Therefore, even if the leaser of the apartment does not want to reduce the rent rate, you may always find another variant with a more suitable price. Now the probability of getting a discount for the apartment for rent in Kiev (rent apartment in Kiev) is close to 100%.

Also the discount rate may very substantially in each particular case. The lower price segment usually provides discounts from 5% to 10%, and the higher price segment from 10% to 15%.

As the practice shows, good apartments, which have adequate rent rate, do not have a discount more than 5%.

Of course, there are apartment owners, who can make a discount of 30% or even more. Such big discounts are often made by the apartment owners, whose apartments are situated in an unfavorable region of Kiev, have no internal design, or not many household appliances. Such big discount may be offered if the apartment in Kiev initially has an overestimated price.

The owners of elite and business class apartments make discounts often. In case the owner proposes the rent apartment at a more or less affordable price, he will not provide discounts, unless the apartment has not been rented for several weeks, and he needs the money badly. You should not wait for discount from the owner of the apartment, who has just placed the apartment for long-term or short-term rent. It is difficult to get a discount if the apartment is in demand. It is because the owners usually try to get the maximum profit from their business, which is apartment for rent in Kiev.

If the apartment has been empty for a long time, it is very hard to lease it for rent without bargaining. Of course, the apartment owner, who does not want to make a discount, may wait for a renter for a long time. In this case he will not lease the apartment, and the loss will be considerable.

The position of “no bargaining” often belongs to the owners of liquid apartments of the economy class. But such small discount is not worth your comfort. If to compare the price for living in the economy-class rent apartment in Kiev, proposed by capital agencies in the center of Kiev, with the price of apartments for rent, proposed by our company in the same region, but belonging to luxury or VIP class, you will not see any difference. So should you refuse from comfort?

All our apartments, offered at the service of “rent Kiev apartment” are in excellent condition, most of them have fresh design with pleasant interior. The rent apartments are packed with all possible contemporary appliances, including necessary multimedia and household appliances from well-known producers. Our apartments for rent in Kiev have cable or digital TV, Internet access, and a telephone. The main advantage of our apartments is their favorable location, which is in the very heart, very close to the main places of interest, large business and trading centers, entertaining establishments, and restaurants.

With us you will always have a one- two- three- or four room apartment for rent in Kiev at an affordable price. As we speak about the apartment discounts, we should say that drawbacks of the apartment affect its price.

A drawback of the apartment for rent is a plus to the discount.

Chances for getting a discount for the apartment for rent in Kiev are high in case the apartment has not very favorable location, and it is necessary to use public transport to get to it. The rent rate may also be affected by the presence of noisy highway, industrial area, street market etc. near the apartment.

You may also bargain in case of absence of necessary infrastructure, such as chemist’s shops, schools, kindergartens, grocery stores etc.

As for the rent Kiev apartment itself, you may demand for discount in case the interior design has not been made for a long time, the rooms are small, the layout is inconvenient, or the apartment is situated on the first or last floors. Besides, lots of capital apartment leasers provide discounts if the renter provides a convenient method and period of payment.

The way you conduct negotiations affects the discount amount you get

If you need a favorable apartment for rent in Kiev, you need to conduct negotiations with the apartment owner personally. There is no unique “recipe” for conducting successful negotiations. As a rule, there is a classical variant of bargaining: “I like your apartment, do you want 150 for it? – I can rent it for 120″.

Today you should not make hasty decisions and take the first met offer only because the price is attractive. Study the proposals of “rent Kiev apartment“, compare the rates of similar apartments, possess soul in patience, and then you will find the apartment for rent, which fits you on all criteria. And we will help you with pleasure. Call us right away, and we will offer you the most attractive variants. And there are a lot of them in our base.