Daily Apartments for Rent in Kiev can be Rented without Agents. How to Do it?

Daily apartments in Kiev for rent can be rented without agents. It is rather risky to look for Kiev apartment without resorting to services of private brokers and agencies. However, if you have patience and know the basic rules of protection against defrauders, it is possible to find a proper variant, and you save your money significantly at the same time.

Virtual Search

Statistical data of Yandex testifies that “daily apartments for rent in Kiev” are searched by hundreds of people. More than 2,500 of people search entries for “rent apartments without agents” every day. One would think that it is a piece of cake. You just need to enter a Web site, choose an apartment, and move in. But it is not so simple. Really, it is not so easy to rent an apartment without agents (“fee free”), because most advertisements on the apartment rent are placed in the Internet by private brokers, real-estate agencies and defrauders. Besides, about 50% of daily rent apartments, found in the Internet, are a fake. Agencies, which place fully reliable information in the Internet, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In the majority of cases 50% of apartments of such Internet resources or even more are already rented or fake apartments for rent. This is a mere lure for customers. Experts recommend to be realistic and not to trust the advertisements when good apartments for rent in Kiev are provided for small rent.

Reliable assistant in the search of rent apartments are groups in social networks and LiveJournal societies. Those, who do not know blogsphere well, are suggested to have a look at the catalog with luxury apartments for rent, located at our site http://luxury-kiev-apartment.com/. We provide only real proposals. We are not intermediaries, therefore price for our rent apartments is considerably lower than the price of hotel rooms of similar comfort, and the price for Kiev apartment, provided by agencies.
It is also useful to place your advertisement on the search of apartments in Kiev for rent at various real estate sites, or send messages to your network friends.

Paper Media

If you need to rent Kiev apartment in your own town or in another town or city, but you have acquaintances there, it is very useful to ask them about this topic. Ii is much safer to rent daily apartments in Kiev for rent “on the recommendations”, and it may even be cheaper in some cases than renting from some unknown owners. If you have no acquaintances in that town or city, you should pay your attention to printed publications. There are several newspapers in Kiev, which publish advertisements on the apartment rent, including daily rent.

One more search method of apartments for rent in Kiev is communication with babushkas. Of course, it does not offer much hope, but may be used in case you do not have much luggage with you and have energy for such search. You must admit that you are usually tired after journey, so this act of bravery is not worth saving a couple of hryvnas.

Let us remark here that in this case success depends upon your presentable appearance and good negotiation skills. You should be ready to face a wall of mistrust, because the majority of apartment owners are afraid of fraud and cheaters. That is why they prefer to deal with agents.

Fee Free

Real estate market experts do not recommend renting an apartment without participation of agents. Moreover, it does not matter, whether you rent daily or for a long period of time. Experts say that people, arriving in Kiev, “replenish the army” of potential cheatees.
When the renters collaborate with professional agencies, they avoid various problems. Agency employees draw up a rental contract, know house categories well, and can help solve various household problems.

Of course, you will have to pay for the work, performed by the agency. A fee of several hundreds of hryvnas for the real estate broker service may become a problem for some guests of the Ukrainian capital. The most enterprising people try to make an agreement with real-estate agencies for a discount, and now the majority of companies are ready to make advances and reduce price by 5-15%. There are cases, when renters side-step the broker company: after having looked at the apartment with the agent, the renter refuses to rent it, and then returns at the address and speaks with the owner face to face. Such variants may seldom occur at the rent of daily apartments for rent in Kiev, they usually take place at the long-term rent.

We should say that trustworthiness of the renter and his financial status play a great role here.
Sometimes the agents themselves act by bypassing the official registration, i.e. take fewer amounts from clients and leave it for themselves, without telling anything to the agency owner. Despite of the fact that it is a high risk to lose a job, such cases take place more often these days. This does not happen in large companies, as people value their reputation first of all. If other brokers learn about such “transaction”, bypassing the company, it will become known for the administration very soon. Besides, the person will lose the opportunity to get a job in a good company.

If you still decide to find apartments for rent in Kiev without agents, on your own, pay attention to 3 immutable laws, which are as follows:
• First of all, never pay anything prior to looking at the apartment; then conclude a rental contract and get the keys from the apartment.
• Secondly, you should certainly familiarize yourself with the ownership right on the apartment for rent, and compare the data of the owner with his/her passport data.
• Thirdly, record your rental contract by a notary.

The company “Luxury Apartments” provides comfortable apartments for the guests of Kiev, and the Kievers in the very center of the capital. All apartments refer to our ownership, therefore the rental price is affordable for every one. When you rent our daily apartments for rent in Kiev, we conclude a rental contract, and provide all necessary documents (if necessary, for example, for people, who will need to get travel allowance). Call us at … and learn the conditions of the apartment rental. You will not want to bypass our apartments for rent in Kiev after all!